Episode 70 – Conversation with Lee Povey – Part 2

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In this episode, we step beyond dyslexia and dive into the psychology of humans and how we’re born with characteristics and how experiences shape how we approach life. 

You will remember that we spoke with Lee Povey in episode 58 as Lee discussed with host Matthew Head; Men’s Mental Health, Dyslexia, Athletics, and the Journey to Self-Acceptance. In this episode, we discuss coaching and human psychology and how that shapes who we are and how we respond to situations. 

When you layer dyslexia over human psychology, it is easy to see how experiences in younger life affects how adults with dyslexia perform in the workplace. 

Lee’s background is in Sports and specifically cycling, but his life experiences and battle with his own mental health has grown Lee to a phenomenal coach for athletes and business leaders. 

In this episode Lee explains how these past experiences and our learnt responses to them, is what is affecting our ability to success and often what Lee does with his clients is identify what is holding them back and show them how to take notice of the emotions, take a step back to evaluate the situation, and grow from a renewed perspective.

Lee tells us that, before you can help others you need to help yourself and understand yourself. For people with dyslexia, this is particularly important, as dyslexia is so unique and different for everyone from distinct challenges, to amazing strengths. And understanding our own dyslexia strengths and challenges is the first step to succeeding with and because of dyslexia!

If you want to understand yourself better and what you can do to be successful by changing your mindset, this is the episode you need to hear! 

Key Topics:

  • Coaching
  • Human Psychology
  •  Understanding yourself more
  • How to peel back the layers of past experience to understand your response to situations,
  • How to notice your emotions, and adjust your response to deal with the context of the situation and not just the content.
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