Episode 39 – Natalie Brooks Founder of Dyslexia In Adults. Getting Passed, I Can’t Because I’m Dyslexic

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In this Episode of The Dyslexia Life Hacks Show, Matt is talking to Natalie Brooks, the founder of Dyslexia in Adults, which has the mission to increase the conversation around dyslexia in adults. Part of this includes The Hive, which is an online membership program that includes monthly masterclasses, tips, and advice, and as access to a community. Natalie has over 60,000 followers on TikTok and has a big Instagram following too.

In this podcast, Matt and Natalie talk about her background at school and comparing the attitudes of different education institutions to her dyslexia, her career in politics, and then her move into sales. Natalie has some interesting and funny stories of how she came across dyslexic barriers at work. She particularly struggled with her self-perception of dyslexia and you will hear in this episode how often “I can’t because I’m dyslexic” has become a barrier to her. Ultimately, somebody else’s negative attitude towards her, gave her the drive she needed to create Dyslexia in Adults.

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