Episode 72 – How to be a Successful Entrepreneur and a Dad with Coach Lee Eldridge

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It’s a topic not often talked about, the pressure  fathers feel to be both successful at work or as an entrepreneur AND be a great dad. 

For fathers, it can often feel like you get pulled in opposite directions by others but also by themselves to want to be a great dad and a successful career.

Historically, fathers have been the bread winners whose role it is to financially support their family by bringing in a secure income to protect the family. Today it is also common that fathers should (and want to) be more involved at home with the children.

This can often be a conflict between the two and often feel like as you succeed in one area you start to fail in the other.

In this week’s episode, our host, Matthew Head is joined by entrepreneur and coach Lee Eldridge who specialises in coach Dads who wants to balance work and being a Dad better. 

Lee discovered he was Dyslexic at University in his 20’s and today he believes that his unique dyslexic strengths makes him the effective coach he is today.

Lee wants to help dads that struggle to focus and have a lack of energy to be able to engage with their children and become better leaders!

Key Topics
  • Discovering have dyslexia in your 20’s,
  • Being a natural coach because of dyslexic strengths,
  • Sports coaching,
  • Being a dad whilst juggling having a successful career.
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