In the episode of The Dyslexia Life Hacks Show we take a deep dive into dyscalculia with Marni Spicer, co-founder of and Table Fables. Dyscalculia can be thought of as dyslexia with maths, as you will hear throughout this podcast there are many similarities with dyslexia. Marni explains the difficulties dyscalculics can face and how her and her business partner Rebecca have developed Table Fables to teach children maths. They are on a missions to remove maths anxiety for all for good. As with dyslexics, give dyscalculics the right tool they can learn maths and even thrive. There is also a positive side to having dyscalculia and Marni believes that a dyscalculic may find the nest big maths innovation.

Marni is not dyscalculic but there business partner is, using her background in graphic design to create Table Fables and her experience as a life coach to build She goes into detail on how negative experiences with maths in childhood can affect a persons confidence as an adult and how she can coach them to have better relationship with maths and a better life.

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