Episode 74 – Neurodiversity in the Workplace with Nathan Whitbread

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When Nathan was diagnosed with dyslexia at 35, he couldn’t believe that this is what he had battelling with all through school and university and then in the workplace. And then finally with the diagnosis of dyslexia was able to access the support needed to thrive in work. 

Later, Nathan set-up as a coach to help others with neurodiveristies like dyslexia and ADHD so that they too can thrive in the workplace.

In this episode of the podcast, Nathan shares with Matthew Head his journey with Dyslexia and gives insights of techniques he uses with his coaching clients to help them find solutions on their own. 

Nathan is a coach, trainer and facilitator who has been focusing on ‘neurodiversity in the workplace’ since 2015. Nathan supports teams and individuals to help them amplify their strengths and manage the things they find difficult.

Nathan has worked across the technology, engineering, commercial and non-profit sectors in leadership roles. 

In addition to Nathan’s experience in the workplace, he also has personal experience within the family of neurodiversity, shaping his innovative approach to supporting individuals and teams to be their most effective.

Nathan is accredited with the British Dyslexia Association as a workplace needs assessor, in addition to holding qualifications in coaching from the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) and the international coaching federation (ICF).

Key Topics:
  • Coaching,
  • Finding you have Dyslexia later in life,
  • Dyslexia, ADHD and Autism.
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