Episode 19 – Studying a PHD, Assessing for Workplace Adjustments and Dyslexia in Acting with Deborah Leveroy

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In this episode of the Dyslexia Life Hacks Show we are talking to Deborah Leveroy PHD, who is neurodiversity and inclusion lead at Dyslexia Box.

Deborah has worked as an actor performing in both London and Edenborough Fringes. As she continued with her acting career, she devolved an interest in how dyslexia can affect actors, this led her to take a PHD where her thesis called Enabling Performance: Dyslexia and Acting Practice.

In this podcast you will her hear the challenges that dyslexic actors can face, an insight into some of Deborah’s coaching technics that are part of Acting with Dyslexia. What she learned when studying dyslexics as part of her PHD and the tools she uses to help her with writing a thesis.

She now works as Neurodiversity and Inclusion Lead for Dyslexia Box, where she develops workplace adjustments strategies for the neurodiverse and has applied some of the lesions she has learned from acting to the roll.

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