Episode 2 – Dyslexia Correction

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Show Notes

“I’m trying to think, is there a voice going on in my head?”

In this episode, Matt and Richard take a deep dive into the book The Gift of Dyslexia and Matt’s experience with Davis Dyslexia Correction program.
Richard being a non dyslexic provides a curios voice as he works to understand how a dyslexic person thinks and process information, compering such things such as how they both read differently, process problems and spell words.
Matt has benefited a lot from this book and the program and provides insights into how his thinking has changed.

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Dyscalculia, a persistent difficulty in understanding numbers, poses challenges in mathematics unrelated to age or education level. In this podcast episode, host Matt Head interviews Arran Smith, founder of the Dyslexia Show, ahead of the 2024 event where Dyscalculia takes the spotlight to raise awareness and provide support in the realm of neurodiversity. The Dyslexia Show, a leading UK exhibition on dyslexia and neurodiversity, aims to empower and educate those affected. Arran discusses the show’s origin, growth, and future aspirations, emphasizing its role in fostering understanding and support in education, parenting, the workplace, and individual well-being. This marks Arran’s third appearance on the podcast, and listeners can explore more in Episodes 17 and 45.

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Episode 58 – Men’s Mental Health, Dyslexia, Athletics, and the Journey to Self-Acceptance with Lee Povey

Lee Povey, a world-renowned track cycling coach, discovered his dyslexia at 50, shedding light on his lifelong struggles with writing. Despite excelling in math and science, expressing himself in words posed challenges. Online tests confirmed dyslexia, providing clarity to his difficulties.

Lee’s athletic journey became his refuge, excelling in sprint cycling within velodromes. His empathy and visionary thinking set him apart, both as an athlete and coach, guiding fellow cyclists.

However, an accident highlighted his own reluctance to seek and accept help, prompting a transformation. Lee’s experience led to establishing networks supporting men’s mental health, harnessing his dyslexia-empowered strengths.

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Episode 3 – Helping Dyslexia with Rebecca Keeves

“I remember getting quite emotional, watching you be able to do things, not only you didn’t do before, but had resigned yourself to the fact you wouldn’t be able to do”
Following on from last week’s episode Matt interviews his partner Rebecca was trained to assist him with the Davis Dyslexia Correction program. They talk about her experiences with dyslexia people at school, university, in the court room working as a barrister and being in a relationship with a dyslexic.

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