Episode 45 – Dyslexia Show 2023 with Founder Arron Smith

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In this episode of the Dyslexia Life Hacks show matt is talking to Arron Smith. He is the founder of the Dyslexia Show and a dyslexic entrepreneur. 

Aaron has previously been on the podcast, and you can find out more about his backstory and the setting up of the Dyslexia Showing in episode 17.

The dyslexia show is a live event happening in the NEC in Birmingham on the 24th and 25th of March 2023. There is a range of exhibitors and speakers, split across various sections including education, parent, workplace and individual. There is a keynote theatre and an innovation theatre. Matt is the compere for the innovation theatre as well as speaking at the show on the Saturday. 

In this podcast, we take a look at what is happening in the 2023 Dyslexia Show and look back on the 2022 show. Getting Aaron’s personal insight in what it is like to now run one show and the learning he is taking forwards into the 2023 show. They take a deep dive into the background planning behind putting on a show like this and what there is to look forward to add the show for anybody planning to visit. Remember to book your tickets if you are interested in coming to the show before they sell out. 

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