Episode 4 – A Lawyer and Dyslexic with Sam Forsyth

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I’m never going to read this I’m dyslexic! I told him I’m dyslexic, he said but you can read and write, and you’re doing the job you’re doing.

Dyslexic barrister Sam Forsyth has succeeded in the world of law where words and language are important, had to read her final university law degree course work out to the senior staff as they could not read, her hand writing. She did not find out she was dyslexic until her daughter was stamaneted dyslexic, she provides her insight to this has assisted her in and out of the court room. How it can be an advantage as a barrister to be dyslexic and how unfortunately representing people who have found themselves on the wrong side of the legal system.

A must listen for any aspiring lawyer.

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