Episode 42 – John Rinaldo on Recovering from Injury and Self-Publishing Books

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In this episode of The Dyslexia Life Hacks Show Matt is Talking to John Rinaldo, he is an author and works in sales.

He had always wanted to write a book but felt that his dyslexia got in the way, this is also reflected in his career starting in a manual job before injury changed his life and he went to university and has never looked back.

Hear in the podcast how John worked it through university and got to grips with his dyslexia. How is after isolation due to Covid-19 he found that having some alone time help him work through things and put this into a book, where he is donating some of the proceeds to Children with Dyslexia (https://www.childrensdyslexiacenters.org/about/). Now he has published his second book, charting his recovery from a serious bike accident.

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