Episode 64 – Effective Reading and Writing and the Power of AI with Russell Van Brocklen

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Of course, we all know the common challenges of dyslexia in reading and writing, but few know how people with dyslexia can improve their reading and writing skills, and even excel neurotypical people in these two areas. 

Few know more about helping dyslexic people in this area than our guest for this episode Russell Van Brocklen.

Russell is the founder of Dyslexia Classes, an ed-tech startup focused on teaching-learning different students (especially students with Dyslexia) how best to overcome challenges with Reading, Writing, and Comprehension skills. 

With a background in Neurological Communications and from own experience with his own Dyslexia, Russell has developed a  unique system for teaching writing that not only significantly improves the writing skills of highly motivated students with dyslexia, but also builds their reading and organisational skills and their confidence for long-term success.

In this episode, our host Matthew Head explores the benefits of using AI to help bridge the gap between the skills of people with Dyslexia and their challenges. With AI now popping up everywhere it is difficult to see how the future jobs are going to sway more towards the skills which people with dyslexia excel most in.

Key Topics:

  • Understand what dyslexia is helps to identify ways to educate people to improve their reading and writing skills,
  • Ways to improve reading and writing, and
  • How to use AI to level the playing field.
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