Episode 65 – How to Write a Book if you have Dyslexia with Matt Bird

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At school, Matt Bird was placed in remedial English classes  and left school education believing he was stupid. It wasn’t until he was in his 20’s when his mum suggested he may be dyslexic and should get tested. This was the first time Matt had even heard of the word ‘Dyslexia’ but the description started to make sense of the challenges he had faced when he was at school.

Since leaving school, with a little nudge from his friends, he started his book writing career and he has now authored 20 books, has won a book of the year prize and writes for publications such as The Times newspaper. 

Wanting to share with people how he writes books and help them to achieve others’ dream of writing a book, Matt now coaches 100+ people a year to become authors and publishes 50+ books a year. Matt believes that if he can write a book, then so can everyone!

Matt Bird is Founder CEO of ‘PublishU’ enabling over 100 people a year to write, publish and launch their books to a global audience.

As part of his giving back he is Founder of the global foundation NAYBA helping thousands of churches worldwide to better love their neighbours. 

In this episode, Matt Bird discusses with our Host Matthew Head about what growing up was like, and how it all changed when he found he had dyslexia. 

In this episode Matt will share some of what he does to write a book which might help you too!

Key Topics:

  • Growing up believing you are ‘Stupid’
  • Finding you have Dyslexia in your 20’s
  • Writing the first book with a little nudge from friends,
  • Helping 100’s of people write their own book!

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