Episode 57 – Edward Sabbagh – From Moving Schools to Graduating a Year Early

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Welcome to the latest episode of The Dyslexia Life Hacks Show! In this episode Matt engages in a discussion with Edward Sabbagh the walk through journey through Edward’s life in Brooklyn, his struggle with undiagnosed dyslexia, and turning it around to graduate college a year early.

Edward takes us through his formative years in Brooklyn. Starting off in a Jewish school without knowing about his dyslexia, he shares the immense challenges he faced, leading to a pivotal decision to transition to a special education school.

Edward shares his struggles with feelings of inadequacy, especially when compared to his seemingly more talented siblings. However, the revelation of his own unique strengths became a turning point in his life.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought unparalleled challenges to students worldwide, and Edward’s college experience was no exception. Discovering the obstacles he encountered during remote learning and the sheer determination that enabled him to complete his college education a year ahead of schedule, this period also saw him successfully balancing a part-time job.

As a recent graduate, Edward now works in the management for a dental practice. 

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