Episode 69 – The Origins of Assistive Technology and Entrepreneurship with Martin McKay

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Technology which helps many dyslexic people throughout the world started life in a place you might not expect!

In this episode we meet the CEO and founder of texthelp whose aim is to help everyone to understand and be understood! 

texthelp creates assistive technologies software to help people with dyslexia in many computer applications. 

A life of assistive technology started out with Martin writing code to help his father communicate after suffering a stroke leaving him unable to talk.

Today Martin, winner of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2022 award, is committed to helping dyslexic people in their workplace and helping employers support their dyslexic colleagues. What has happened is that this assistive technology is not just helpful for dyslexic people to level the playing field, but also helps other, more neurotypical, colleagues become more productive.

With the advancements of assistive technology, the typical dyslexic challenges will not hold back dyslexic people in using their dyslexic strengths! 

Key Topics:
  • Strokes,
  • Computer software,
  • Assistive Technology,
  • Supporting dyslexic people in the workplace.

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