Episode 8 – The Entrepreneur’s Godmother

“When your dyslexic and you got to keep the flow, it was so tiring. Physically I was exhausted, because I has stay on the focus, I had work so hard to try and read the sentence.”

The Dyslexia Life Hacks Show welcomes on Alison Edgar MBE, twice voted one of UK’s top 10 business advisers and author of two best selling books. She has come along way form leaving school and taking a job in a hotel reception, she soon found that she could turn her hand to all aspects of running a hotel. This lead to a career in sales, where she overachieved and rose high in the corporate world. It was during a visit to one of her clients, they discovered she has dyslexia.

As it will come apparent throughout the podcast, Alison is a master of cultivating her straights. They become so strong that any weakness she may have are overwhelmed, she also surrounds herself with grate people who allow her to shine.

Ever wondered what it like to record you own audiobook as a dyslexic? Listen in to find out.

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