Unleash the Dragon! (Speech-to-text)

dragon, broncefigur, golden dragon

Dragon Naturally Speaking is a speech-to-text software that allows you to dictate to a word processor. This entire website was initially written using Dragon. This is a very powerful way of getting rid of the block in terms of getting information out of your head onto the page. It will go thought an initial phase of learning your voice – I found talking to it like a Radio 4 presenter helps and you soon get used to saying “fullstop” at the end of each sentence.

As this software is not only designed for dyslexic people but for people who have quite severe learning difficulties or disabilities, it has extra features outside of the dictation element. For example, you can tell it to “mouse click” in various areas the screen and can completely control the computer.

Dragon is good for exploiting the Fast, Bad, Wrong hack on this website.

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