Episode 1 – Dyslexia in the workplace

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Show Notes

” Sometimes you have to remember, I’m the one running this meeting”
In the first episode, old school friends Matthew and Richard explore Matthew’s  dyslexia and how it impacted him in school, university, and as a blue and white collar worker. Get the benefit of a few of Life Hacks along the way.

Matthew has was stalemated with dyslexia at 6 years old, after getting through the education system he was completely burnt out with it all and when on to be an HGV mechanic for 8 years. As time when past he wanted more from his career and took the step to go to university and get an engineering degree. He now works full time as an automotive design engineer. He provides his insight’s on how is handled as a blue collar  worker and the contrast with being a office worker.   

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