Misspelling a word in any word processing programme can be frustrating when you cannot find the correct spelling. Spell checkers are getting better but sometimes it is useful to type the word into Google and see what it autocorrects it to. One of the advantages of doing this is that the search result will give you an indication that you are searching for the correct word.

One thing I tend to do if I am really struggling to get a word spelt is remembering a movie/song/phrase and googling that. For example, you cannot spell the word “rises” and you have tried several iterations but keep getting the wrong word, there is the 2012 Batman film called The Dark Knight Rises, so you type the title into Google with “rises” spelt incorrectly and Google will suggest the correction for the word. You can now be confident you are putting the correct word in your work and you got to Google Batman – what could possibly be better!

It works with book names, song lyrics, album titles – any popular sentence or phrase you can think of that uses the word you are trying to spell can be fired into Google and Google will auto correct the troublesome word.

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