Episode 14 – Reader Pens with Lauran Jeffery from OrCam

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In this episode of The Dyslexia Life Hacks Show, we are talking about reading pens with Lauran Jeffery Area Sales Manager for OrCam.

OrCam have been developing reading cameras for the blind and visual impaired since 2010, there latest product the OrCam Read provides a portable reading pen that dyslexics can use to help with reading problems.

In this podcast, we talk about how OrCam moved into the dyslexia market, the operation of OrCam Read and best practices for use. How different do the blind and visually impaired use the device compared to a dyslexic? What is the benefit of using it over a smart phone?

Lauran shares her experiences with dyslexics, what she has learned so much since OrCam have entered the dyslexia support market.

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