Episode 13 – Dyslexia as a Racing Driver with Ben Hurst

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In this episode of The Dyslexia Life Hacks Show, we talk to Ben Hurst who is a racing driver. He has raced for Aston Martin Academy and BMW. Like fellow racing drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jackie Stewart, dyslexia assists him when racing. Having only started racing at 16 he a quickly started winning and has rose through the ranks, hear how dyslexic visitations skills helps him learn the car and set it up. We also talk about how these skills help Ben be a better driver coach and the business side of being a driver.

Born is Canada, Ben found out he was dyslexic at a young age and got the support he needed throughout is schooling. When he moved to the UK he was able to balance studying for a degree and his racing. He is a great example of how getting good support early can really help a dyslexic person.

Even if you are not a motor racing fan there is still a lot of great takeaways in this podcast, from racing at night in the rain to running a business there is something for everyone.

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