Bonus Episode – Dyslexia in Engineering Webinar

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This is a bonus episode of The Dyslexia Life Hacks Show, in this podcast is the audio of an webinar on Dyslexia in Engineering that Matt did along with the IET Derby/Notts local network, which is part of the IET East Midlands network. IET stands for The Institution of Engineering and Technology which is one of the professional engineering institutions in the UK a person who is a Chartered Engineer will be a member if the IET or similar institutions.

In this webinar Matthew chats about his own experience of dyslexia, setting up Dyslexia Life Hacks to help fellow dyslexics and how dyslexic people can be an asset to any engineering team. The webinar starts with a talk from Matt and at 28 minutes 55 seconds the Q&A section starts.

The video from the webinar is on YouTube, you can watch it here.

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