Episode 31 – Dekko Comics, Using Illustration to bring learning to life with Rossie Stone

In this episode of the dyslexia life hacks show Matt is talk to Rossie Stone, founder of Dekko Comics. They are educational comics the are aimed at 8 to 12 year olds, as you will hear in the podcast, Rossie inputs his Beano inspired style and humour lead stories that makes the comics and engaging read.

Rossie was struggling with his school work during his early years and into his Scottish Highers, until one day with nothing to lose he used it love for art, illustration, and comic books, he put the whole subject down into a comic strip and to his surprise and delight got an A for that subject.

During the podcast Matt and Rossie chart his struggles at school, through to setting up Dekko and how he makes the comics not only educational but engaging too.

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