Episode 80 – 40 years of living with Dyslexia with Matthew Head

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This story starts when I turned 18 years old, it was 2002, I was riding a Honda – CB400 Super 4, mid-length hair, at College doing Automotive Engineering, and Dyslexia was not something I talked about.

At this point in my life career advisors would push university on you. But I WAS DONE! I poured everything I had into my College course. 

And this is where I took my life in a Direction I didn’t think I would (or could). 

I started working as a mechanic servicing Trucks for Volo and as time ticked by I lost interest and I wanted more for myself. 

I saw an amazing job opportunity to test engines to destruction, essentially BLOWING engines up! But the employer wanted an Engineering Degree. So that’s what I did, but not before Imposter Syndrome hit. Feeling not capable and not in the right place.

But I managed to complete the degree as a mature student and pursue my dream career, starting on a graduate scheme at age 30.

But one thing that has stuck around since that start of this story is Dyslexia. It’s not something I had talked about until I was well in to my 30’s but I had never let it hold me back. I gave it all I had with all the grit and determination I could muster.

In this episode, I share my story of my life with Dyslexia, going to college and university, and pursuing my dream career.

Dyslexic Hack:

  • Grit

Key Topics:

  • Motorbikes,
  • Going to college,
  • Going to University as a mature Student 
  • Discovering my dream career 
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