Episode 37 – Lisa Heleniak The ZOOM Genie on going to boarding school, working as a PA and being a virtual assistant

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In this episode of a The Dyslexia Life Hacks Show, Matt is talking to Lisa Heleniak the founder of The ZOOM Genie. The provides co-hosting, support and coordinate online virtual events, leaving the host to focus on their course or presentation.

Lisa, as most dyslexics struggled at school, but found that her abilities in sport and other creative subjects, helped her to have a positive experience through education, although as you will hear during this episode, her boarding school peers have taken a very different routes through life. 

During this podcast, you were here Lisa’s story from having tutors at school, working as a PA, through to setting up your own business. Lisa also enlightens the listener on the contrast between her and her Neurotypical daughters, especially as they find things easy, but then can’t understand how Lisa is able to do other things. 

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