Episode 53 – Unleashing Hidden Potential with Paul Daniels Jr.

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Welcome to Episode 53 of The Dyslexia Life Hacks Show! In this episode, our host Matt engages in an enlightening conversation with Paul Daniels Jr., the founder of Peripheral Thinkers. Paul is a seasoned advisor to Fortune 500 companies and boasts an impressive track record of generating significant revenue throughout his career.

Paul shares his personal story, starting from his school days in Texas and his transition into studying business at university. Despite initially pursuing advertising, he found himself working as a design manager and eventually started his own business at the age of 25, despite having limited prior business knowledge. As his business flourished, Paul began interacting with individuals who aspired to success, prompting him to shift his focus towards corporate America, leveraging his talent for recognizing patterns. To enhance his career prospects, he took the initiative to learn engineering and programming, acquiring valuable skills along the way. Paul provides insights into his journey, from participating in a training programme to eventually serving on the boards of various companies.

At the age of 40, Paul discovered he was dyslexic and recognized the unique abilities that allowed him to excel in connecting ideas and developing innovative strategies. He shares how these talents propelled his career while acknowledging the challenges he faced. Understanding that 10% of the population possesses similar hidden skills that enable them to navigate challenges and foster innovation, Paul created a training course called Peripheral Thinkers. During the podcast, he offers a glimpse into the course, showcasing the transformative power of this type of thinking through an early example.

Join us for this insightful conversation as we delve into Paul Daniels Jr.’s inspiring journey, his strategies for success, and his dedication to empowering others through Peripheral Thinkers. Tune in to discover how you can tap into your untapped potential and revolutionise your problem-solving approach.

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