Episode 41 – Armelle McGeachie Founder of Girls with Dyslexia

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In this episode of The Dyslexia Life Hacks Show, Matt is talking to Armelle McGeachie, founder of Girls with Dyslexia.

During this podcast you will find out that Armelle had a feeling that she was dyslexic from a very young age, but did get a diagnosis until age 21. Interestingly, she had already been employing lots of dyslexic, friendly tactics that she had found through self-discovery during her time at school, particularly during her GCSEs. But having the official diagnosis allowed her to get the appropriate coaching, making her final year of university a lot easier.

When she started in the world of work, she kept her dyslexia to herself, this has presented challenges during her career and Armelle and Matt go into some peoples negative stereotyping of dyslexics. Later when She became more comfortable with her dyslexia, she became Diversity and Inclusion Board Member – Neurodiversity Subcommittee Leader for the company she worked for, this drove her to embrace her dyslexia, and start to understand the benefits of community when neurodiverse.

Armelle set up Girls with Dyslexia, where she shares her lived in experience, great tips and tactics to help not just women and girls with dyslexia, but anybody who needs some support. She is very talented in the use of infographics to convey useful information.

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