Episode 51 – Unleashing The Dyslexic Advantage with Dr. Brock Eide

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In this episode of The Dyslexia Life Hacks Show, Matt talks to Dr. Brock Eide, co-author of the book, The Dyslexic Advantage, about the unique brain structures and strengths associated with dyslexia.

Matt introduces Dr. Brock Eide, a neuro-learning expert, and co-author of The Dyslexic Advantage. They discuss Dr. Eide’s background in medicine and his interest in dyslexia.

Dr. Eide shares his first experience with dyslexia and how it affected his family. He talks about his children’s experiences and how it sparked his interest in dyslexia research.

Dr. Eide talks about how he and his wife Fernette wrote The Dyslexic Advantage and the response they received. They discuss the paradigm shift in the way dyslexia is viewed and the strengths associated with it.

Dr. Eide talks about the updated edition of the book and the new research that supports the dyslexic advantage. He discusses the unique brain structures and organization of people with dyslexia and the special talents and skills that come with it.

Matt and Dr. Eide wrap up the episode by discussing the importance of understanding dyslexia and its strengths. They encourage listeners to learn more about dyslexia and to embrace the dyslexic advantage.

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