Episode 68 -Dyslexia Questions and Answers with Podcast Host Matthew Head

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Last Episode of 2023!

To finish off this incredible year full of amazing insights from equally amazing guests, we’re changing from our usual format for a one-off episode with our host Matthew Head answering some of your burning questions! 

Join Matthew for a coffee (tea or other hot beverages also allowed) to discuss Matthew’s thoughts in an unscripted Q&A session!

Hear Matthew’s thoughts on hiring and retaining dyslexic people in the workplace, what dyslexic strengths Matthew has and uses in his work as a Engineer, what are employer’s most undervalued dyslexic strengths, and many more!

If you have enjoyed listening to Dyslexia Life Hacks throughout 2023, why not drop us a message on social media or our website and tells what episode you enjoyed most!

We hope you have enjoyed another year of dyslexia life hacks and we hope you have a great break over Christmas and New Year. We look forward to bringing you even more insights, perspectives, and dyslexia hacks in 2024! 

Key Topics:

  • Hiring and retaining dyslexic people in the workplace
  • Common Dyslexia strengths,
  • Hacks for improving your efficiency on work,
  • Common undervalued dyslexic strengths 
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