Episode 52 – Overcoming Struggles and Embracing Neurodiversity at GSK with Danielle Cudjoe-Michalski

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Welcome to another episode of The Dyslexia Life Hacks Show! In today’s conversation, Matt sits down with Danielle Cudjoe-Michalski, founder of Thinking Light Coach. Danielle is not only an Associate Director Project Manager Vaccine at GSK but also a proud co-founder of the GSK Neurodiversity network.

Join Matt and Danielle as they delve into her personal journey, discussing the challenges she faced during her degree studies and how managing dyslexia at the time influenced her choice of study. They explore the early stages of Danielle’s career and the perseverance it took for her to secure a position at GSK. An interesting anecdote arises when Danielle recounts an encounter with a colleague who unintentionally “outed” her dyslexia while reading her handwritten notes. From there, Danielle candidly shares her experience of working multiple jobs and the eventual burnout that ensued. Together, they uncover the valuable lessons she learned and how she continues to navigate her mind and preserve her brain energy to prevent further burnout.

Listen in as Danielle reveals her process of self-discovery within her job, identifying her strengths and finding a role that suits her unique style. The conversation also delves into the establishment of the new diversity network at GSK, highlighting the importance of fostering inclusivity within the workplace. Furthermore, Danielle discusses the challenges and rewards of setting up her coaching business while juggling a full-time job.

Tune in to this enlightening episode as Danielle Cudjoe-Michalski shares her empowering story of resilience, growth, and the pursuit of a fulfilling career while embracing neurodiversity within the GSK organisation.

Key Topics:

  • Danielle’s personal struggle during her degree studies and the impact of dyslexia management on her chosen field
  • The hurdles Danielle faced and her determined journey to secure a job at GSK
  • An unintended revelation of dyslexia by a colleague and the subsequent lessons learned
  • Navigating multiple jobs and the importance of maintaining mental well-being
  • Discovering strengths and finding a job that aligns with individual work style
  • The significance of the GSK Neurodiversity network and its impact on fostering diversity and inclusion
  • Establishing a coaching business alongside a full-time job and the challenges involved

Join us in this inspiring episode with Danielle Cudjoe-Michalski as she shares her empowering story of resilience, growth, and the pursuit of a fulfilling career while embracing neurodiversity at GSK. Gain valuable insights and practical advice for individuals living with dyslexia and anyone seeking to create an inclusive workplace environment.

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