Episode 75 – Dyslexia, Travelling, and Eating Psychology Coach with Kathy Elkind

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Do you find that, because of your dyslexia, you are interested in loads of different things which seemingly don’t go together!? Our host is an Automotive Engineer turned Dyslexic Podcaster, not an obvious link.

Well, this is the theme of this podcast.

This is a truly amazing life story of navigating dyslexia, travelling around Europe, writing, teaching and Eating Psychology Coaching! 

In this episode we meet an amazing person, Kathy Elkind! Kathy has lived a full and exciting life all while navigating the challenges of dyslexia.

I think you can agree that, on the face of it, writing a book, planning for a 3 month expedition around Europe, training to be a coach and coaching people in Eating Psychology, and teaching don’t all naturally link together. But when you throw a Dyslexic mind into that mix. Suddenly it starts to make sense.

Kathy’s story demonstrates how many dyslexic people are multi-interests people. Not only that, when we find something we’re passionate about we go ALL IN! 

However, people with dyslexia can often feel guilty for having multiple interests which don’t seem to marry together. When you listen to this episode you will feel inspired and empowered to keep up with all of your interests.

Key Topics:

  • What is an Eating Psychology Coach?
  • Teacher’s approach to Dyslexia through the decades,
  • Taking an Adult Gap Year to go Travelling,
  • How to support children with dyslexia or suspected dyslexia, 
  • Writing a book,
  • Discovering ways to feel positive about your dyslexia!
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