Episode 6 – Vision and Dyslexia with Bhavin Shah

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“Dyslexia is not a visual condition, but your much more likely to have visual problems.”

Bhavin Shah is a Behavioural Optometrist who specialises in understanding the visual problems faced by dyslexics. Although dyslexia isn’t a visual condition, dyslexics often have difficulties with visual stress,  visual tracking, words moving over the page etc..

In this episode he goes into detail on what is happening with the visual system, why it could be the eyes moving that makes reading difficult, not the brain jumbling the word order. How rock climbing to be very helpful for improving the visual system. We also go into what the difference is between a behavioural optometrist and a high street optometrist, how Bhavin transitioned from a high street optometrist and what its like to have an assessment with him.

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