Episode 62 – The Inspiring Dyslexia Success Story of Elizabeth Takyi

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Starting her primary education in Ghana in West Africa, this episode’s guest Elizabeth Takyi was penalised in the class room for poor spelling and ready by the use of the cane.  This traumatic experience with education gave Elizabeth the feeling that ‘this is just the way it is. I must be stupid’. 

Moving to the UK for secondary education, Elizabeth became more disassociated with education and would regularly be ‘naughty’ and bunk off school. 

It wasn’t until leaving an abusive relationship and, in trying to prove everyone and herself wrong that she was in fact not stupid and could be just as successful as everyone, Elizabeth started a university course in HR. After completely failing the 1st year Elizabeth discovered that she had Dyslexia and Dyspraxia. Not knowing what this meant she struggled to know where to turn before the time of ‘Google’. 

It wasn’t until the support from college who supplied Elizabeth with assistive technology when Elizabeth started sore passing all of the subsequent years at university.

With this new found confidence Elizabeth started ‘Aspire2 Inspire’ providing support to business owners with dyslexia and helping others in the same way that Elizabeth was supported.

She now works in her dream job being an ambassador for neurobox where she continues to spread dyslexia and intersectionality awareness.

Doing all this and being a single mother of three is tough and inspiring.

Key Topics:

  • Childhood trauma from being caned for not being able to read or write,
  • Leaving an abusive relationship and aspiring to prove you’re not stupid!
  • Finding out that you have dyslexia, getting the right support, then flying,
  • Setting up support for business owners with dyslexia,
  • Being unemployed and trying to find a job whilst disclosing you have dyslexia, and
  • Finding the place where you belong! 
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