Episode 46 – Dyslexia in Recruitment and Irish Education with Alanah Herron

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In this episode of the Dyslexia Life Hacks Show, Matt is talking to Alanah Herron who is a talent acquisition specialist for Car Trawler. 

During this podcast Matt and Alanah talk at length about the Irish education system in and what it’s like to be educated in that country. 

They talk about her career in HR starting at H&M, where they didn’t use email. Then to working for Ralph Lauren, and now at Car Trawler. Alanah went through quite a lot of career growth as well as her personal growth with her feelings about being dyslexic.

Now she works in recruitment, the conversation goes into how the recruitment process works, but could be changed to be more inclusive for people who are Neurodiverse. 

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