Episode 9 – Dyslexia and Teaching the Piano

In the episode of The Dyslexia Life Hacks Show, Matt talks to Delwyn McKenzie from Accent Music School in West Melton, New Zealand. She comes from a musical family being the youngest of five and both her parents play instruments. They taught her how to play a variety of interments from a very young age. Struggling with sight-reading she excelled in the practical playing and along with her husband has written musicals. She found out she was dyslexic at 45 when her daughter was being assed.

Having three children and two being dyslexic she has experience the different learning styles of these three. Along with this, she has put her lesions learned in teaching music to device her own piano course. She talks about how being dyslexic helps her see teaching music in a different way.

Delwyn has kindly offered listeners of the show free lessons from her online course. Head over to;


Use the coupon code; 5NOTESFREE

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