Episode 34 – Workplace Coaching and Being a Neurodiversity Support Lead for Barclays Bank with Toni Horn

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In this episode of The Dyslexia Life Hacks Show, Matt is talk to Toni Horn, she is the founder of Think Differently Coaching which provides workplace coaching for the neurodiverse.

She grew up in a neurodiverse house hold as a dyslexic herself and alongside her brother who is autistic. In this podcast Matt talk to Toni about growing up in a house hold with a neurodiverse sibling and how their life panned out, how she found her way into banking before working her way up trough the to a senior position and talking on the role of UK Neurodiversity Support Lead. There are some interesting insights into how to run meetings, training courses or away days with dyslexic people attending.

Post her banking career Toni has now set up her own coaching business using her experience at Barclays to help guild and mentor dyslexics in the workplace.

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