Episode 55 – Jo Rees: Juggling Teaching, Motherhood, and Dyslexia Support

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Welcome to another episode of The Dyslexia Life Hacks Show. In this edition, host Matt engages in a fascinating conversation with Jo Rees, founder of Another Way Round Dyslexia Support. With a 22-year career as a primary school teacher and extensive experience as a Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO), Jo now dedicates her efforts to providing support for parents and adults. Tune in as she shares her personal journey, including the revelation of her own dyslexia, and discover how she balances her roles as a mother, educator, and dyslexia advocate. Plus, keep an ear out for Jo’s unexpected viral success on TikTok, where she combines dyslexia awareness with some unexpected dance moves!

In this episode, Matt and Jo delve into various aspects of Jo’s life, offering insights and reflections along the way. They discuss Jo’s experience as a teacher while being unaware of her own dyslexia, and how she overcame challenges in planning through strategic measures. Jo candidly opens up about the impact of dyslexia on her postnatal depression and the journey of self-discovery that followed. With three children to raise, Jo talks about finding a balance between motherhood and her teaching career, and the career changes she made to accommodate her family’s needs while providing dyslexia support

Jo also shares the intricacies of her son’s journey with dyslexia, including the strategies they employed to help him stay focused and find his own path. The episode touches upon the unique challenges faced in supporting her two daughters’ education compared to her son’s experience. Furthermore, Jo discusses the establishment of her own business, Another Way Round Dyslexia Support, and the unexpected rise to fame on TikTok, where she combines educational content with a dash of entertainment.

As the episode draws to a close, stay tuned for a special segment where Jo shares additional insights and reflections, recorded after having time to ponder the questions raised during the podcast.

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