Be bold and think differently

Flower, with one read

Trevor sent this hack in. He is first person to send a hack in, thank you Trevor!

In school, specifically in English class, pupils would be asked to read aloud. This was usually from books or short stories.  When it came to a dyslexic pupil they would stumble though words, often having to reread an entire sentence to fluently say it. The teacher would say, “alright it’s your turn to read pages 56 through 58” filling them with dread. Then, one day, when asked to read, they said “Pass”. The class looks around thinking, ‘you can do that! You can just pass on reading?’ To everyone’s surprise it worked! The teacher was confused and didn’t know how to respond because no one had ever challenged it. They said “ok” and moved to the next person. 

The moral of the story, be bold and think differently. Just because it’s done the same way forever doesn’t mean it has to be done that way.

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