Episode 47 – Occupational Health Assessments: How They Can Help People with Dyslexia with Arun Iyer

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In this episode of The Dyslexia Life Hacks Show, Matt is talking too Arun Iyer, a specialist occupational health advisor. Arun works for Health Partners Group and has extensive experience working with people with dyslexia. He’s here to discuss how occupational health assessments can help people with dyslexia in the workplace.

Arun shares his background and how he became an occupational health advisor. He also talks about his experience working with people with dyslexia and the challenges they may face in the workplace.

Occupational Health Assessments:
Arun explains what occupational health assessments are and who can benefit from them. He discusses how they differ from medical assessments and the role of the occupational health advisor in conducting the assessment.

Helping People with Dyslexia:
Arun explains how occupational health assessments can identify workplace adjustments that can benefit people with dyslexia. He discusses the different types of workplace adjustments that can be made and how these assessments can help employers understand their legal responsibilities in accommodating people with dyslexia.

What to Expect:
Arun walks us through what a typical occupational health assessment involves. He discusses the different types of assessments that may be conducted depending on the person’s needs and situation. He also talks about how to prepare for an occupational health assessment and what to bring to the appointment.

Arun summarizes the key points of the conversation and encourages people with dyslexia to consider getting an occupational health assessment to help them in the workplace. He reminds employers of their legal responsibilities to accommodate employees with dyslexia and emphasizes the importance of raising awareness about dyslexia in the workplace and promoting inclusivity.

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