Trevor the first person to submit a hack to the site


He is a 24 year old graduate from the University of Vermont where he studied mechanical engineering, and is currently employed as an equipment engineer at Global Foundries making semi-conductors and computer chips for Wi-Fi devices in all phones.

In his spare time he enjoys snowboarding and mounting biking, using his engineering mind to build bike jumps, 3d printers, motorized drift trikes, large trebuchets, robots, skate board half pipes, and snowboard rails.

He has mild (medium) dyslexia and severe ADHD, mostly hyper active. He has recently started a 3D printing company, which makes software that uses AI to fix problems with the printers and provides a cloud file storage systems for 3d digital assets.

He was born in New Jersey where his parents still live. For him it was always tough in school, he was in the lower (resource) English class but then in advanced placement physics. For most of his childhood he was confused as to why he could do advanced physics but not read fluently, spell or have a good memory.

At this point in his life, he has come to terms with what he can or can’t do, making jokes about being really bad at things but not ashamed to ask for help. The things he is good at he is really good at!

Now post his education he feels freer. Like driving for the first time, so many possibilities, and so many things to do and experience. The only limit to the possibilities being time, no one has control over that.

Thank you for your hack Trevor, wish you all the best in the future.

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