Episode 28 – Handy Spelling – Clever Stationery with Maggie Souter and Sally Ashcroft

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In this episode of The Dyslexia Life Hacks show Matt is talking to Maggie Souter and Sally Ashcroft who run Handy Spelling, a company which produces ingenious stationery to help children with dyslexia. There products include, pencils and rulers which help you remember tricky spellings and write the date. Tattoos and stickers to help you remember left/ right and b/d reversals. Bookmarks to explain homophones/ verbs/ adjectives/ nouns/ adverbs.

In this podcast we talk about how as mothers’ mothers of dyslexic boys, in Maggie’s 3 dyslexic children, and have seen first-hand how self-esteem can be affected by difficulties with writing and spelling, this led them to develop Handy Spelling so other child could have some support right there in their pencil case. We cover both there backgrounds and how they found the school system when their children were going through it and how that feed into the creation of heady spelling. We talk at length about the process and thinking behind it and how kids can use it and then transition away from using handy spelling as the age.

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