Episode 16 – Kelly Monday on Sales in computing, Microsoft dyslexia tools and Thinking Differently about Dyslexia

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In this episode of The Dyslexia Life Hacks Show, we are talking to Kelly Monday, who works for Microsoft and has recently been promoted to Consumer Channel Sales Director (at the time of recording she was the Global Account Manager for WPP). She discovered she was dyslexic at 19 years old during the early stages of university studies, this allowed her to get the right support during her studies. Kelly then took a graduate position at IBM and tried out many roles in different parts of the company before moving into sales post her graduate training, where she progressed her career before moving to Microsoft. At Microsoft, alongside her role, Kelly is a mental health ambassador and has run the Thinking Differently about Dyslexia boot camps, aimed at helping children with Dyslexia feel proud of their Dyslexic thinking, skills and learn how to use the Microsoft Learning tools.

In this podcast, you hear how Kelly used tools to help her through her studies, some of the tools that Microsoft has to assist dyslexics, how having the right people to mentor and talk too help her embrace her dyslexia and how she now does the same for other dyslexic’s.   

This podcast is Kelly’s personal stories and opinions; she is not talking on behalf of Microsoft.  


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