Guest on – Dyslexia Explored Podcast

Matthew was a guest on BulletMap Academy podcast, Dyslexia Explored.

They spoke about how like many dyslexic’s, school got in the way. Ending up going into a maintenance and repair job rather than designing. Then how he took the decision to get an engineering degree and now has a job he loves designing high performance cars.

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Episode 53 – Unleashing Hidden Potential with Paul Daniels Jr.

In this episode of The Dyslexia Life Hacks Show, we had the privilege of speaking with Paul Daniels Jr., the founder of Peripheral Thinkers. Paul is not only an advisor to Fortune 500 companies but has also created over $2 billion in new revenue throughout his career.

During our conversation, Paul shared his fascinating journey, starting from his school days in Texas and his transition into studying business at university. Despite initially venturing into advertising, Paul’s path led him to become a design manager and eventually start his own business at the young age of 25, despite having limited prior business knowledge. As his business thrived, Paul realized his passion for mentoring others and transitioned into corporate America, using his exceptional ability to recognize patterns to fuel his success. Along the way, he also acquired engineering and programming skills to further enhance his career prospects.

At the age of 40, Paul discovered he was dyslexic, leading him to recognize his unique talents for connecting ideas and devising innovative strategies. He generously shared how these strategies have propelled his career and also shed light on the challenges he faced. Recognizing that 10% of the population possesses similar hidden skills, Paul developed a training course called Peripheral Thinkers. Through this course, he aims to help individuals tap into their innate thinking abilities and overcome challenges, ultimately fostering innovation.

Join us in this episode as Paul walks us through his inspiring journey, from his humble beginnings to his current role as a respected advisor and mentor. Discover how he has harnessed his dyslexic strengths and how you too can unlock your own hidden potential. Whether you’re dyslexic or not, this episode offers valuable insights into harnessing unique skills and thriving in any industry.

Episode 41 – Armelle McGeachie Founder of Girls with Dyslexia

In this episode of The Dyslexia Life Hacks Show, Matt is talking to Armelle McGeachie, founder of Girls with Dyslexia.
During this podcast you will find out that Armelle had a feeling that she was dyslexic from a very young age, but did get a diagnosis until age 21. Interestingly, she had already been employing lots of dyslexic, friendly tactics that she had found through self-discovery during her time at school, particularly during her GCSEs. But having the official diagnosis allowed her to get the appropriate coaching, making her final year of university a lot easier.