Episode 18 – Rachel Morgen-Trimmer on How can the hyperlexic and dyslexic work together. Autism and ADHD

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It this episode of The Dyslexia Life Hacks Show, I talk to Rachel Morgen-Trimmer, she is a Neurodiversity consultant providing training through her company Sparkle Class. She is autistic and has ADHD, Rachel has won a Rose Award for her poster on Autism.

In this podcast we talk about the relationship between dyslexia (Matt) and hyperlexia (Rachel) and how people with different neurodiversity’s can combine their strengths when working together. This can be a benefit to organisations and highlight how great building diverse team can be.

We also talk about how Rachel come to find out she is autistic in her early 30’s and what it is like to get accessed as an adult. She also spoke for the first time about the mistakes she made when it comes to understand dyslexia, and how she learnt to be less judgemental and more inclusive. We take a dive into what it is like to be autistic and the world of someone with ADHD.

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