Episode 10 – Stuart Marsden on Levelling the Playing Field and Writing Helper

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In this episode of The Dyslexia Life Hacks Show, we talk to Stuart Marsden product manager at Claro Software. After finishing his PHD, he worked for the NHS designing assistive equipment, this experience would become inviable when he later moved to Claro. Stuart who is not dyslexic is able to apply his epithetic design approach to provide technology that fulfils his mission to level the playing field for all.

In this podcast we talk about Stuart’s path from his PHD to working with the neurodiverse, his philosophy on dyslexia, how Claro developed writing helper and the design process. Both Matt and Stuart are engineers; they take a deep drive in to all areas of design.

Stuart has interesting insights on dyslexia and working with dyslexic people and draws fascinating parallels with his work for the NHS.    

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