Episode 27 – Coaching dyslexic leaders, HR, and part time degrees with Kirsty Heap

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In this episode of The Dyslexia Life Hacks Show, Matt is a talking to Kirsty Heap who specialises in coaching dyslexic leaders. 

In this podcast we talk about Kirsty’s time as school where she had supportive parents that got her the help she needed. Thought to the beginning of her working life where she came to a point in her career where she realised, she needs a master’s degree to progress further. She had to balance having young children and a job with her studies. 

Kirsty now has set up her own coaching using the lessons she had learned from her time working in HR. She focuses on bring the best out of dyslexic people in leadership rolls, we talk at length about her methods. 

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At the age of 40, Paul discovered he was dyslexic, leading him to recognize his unique talents for connecting ideas and devising innovative strategies. He generously shared how these strategies have propelled his career and also shed light on the challenges he faced. Recognizing that 10% of the population possesses similar hidden skills, Paul developed a training course called Peripheral Thinkers. Through this course, he aims to help individuals tap into their innate thinking abilities and overcome challenges, ultimately fostering innovation.

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During a captivating conversation with host Matthew, Martin delves into his personal journey, discussing his school experiences, the discovery of his dyslexia at the age of 30, and the diverse strategies he has used to navigate dyslexia’s challenges. He also explores different types of dyslexia and shares insights into achieving a Doctorate despite the condition.

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