Episode 61 – Entrepreneurship and Dyslexia, and the ability to Absorb Information Quickly with Stephen Martin

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One really under appreciated dyslexic strength is the ability to absorb information quickly and explain complex topics in a way that is engaging and easy to understand! 

It is the very specific dyslexia skill set which propelled our guest in this episode, Stephen Martin, to become a highly successful entrepreneur. 

Growing up in New Zealand, where the school system did not recognise dyslexia, Stephen’s dyslexia wasn’t picked up until his family moved to Saudi Arabia and continued his education in a British school. 

In this fascinating conversation with our host Matthew Head, Stephen tells us how he leveraged his ability to absorb information quickly and be able to teach it to others in the form of an engaging narrative, turning complex topics into an easy to understand format which started his entrepreneur journey.

Stephen also acknowledges the people in his life who have supported him. His biggest supporter being his mum who, upon finding out Stephen had dyslexia, became an overnight expert in dyslexia to make sure Stephen got all the support he would need in life. 

Stephen not only has his own marketing business, but also runs a dyslexia online community with its own podcast, Truth About Dyslexia. By Stephen’s own admission, he needs just a little too much to do to feel comfortable and motivated which he believes he owes to his dyslexia and ADHD!

This is a great episode not to be missed!

Key Topics:

  • Absorbing information quickly,
  • Leveraging narrative reasoning, 
  • Life as an entrepreneur, and
  • Being just a little bit too busy to feel comfortable and stay motivated,
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