Episode 60 – Achieving a Doctorate, and Dyslexia in Different Cultures with Dr Martin Bloomfield

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Ever wondered how dyslexia is seen in different cultures and other countries? Do all countries assess dyslexia in the same way?

Well.. in this episode, our guest, Dr Martin Bloomfiled reveals the answer to these questions, and it’s not what you might think! 

Martin breaks the mould of what many might consider ‘dyslexic’. Like most children with dyslexia, Martin was branded ‘lazy’ and ‘class clown’ by his teachers. Now, having achieved a Doctorate in Philosophy, and being an active advocate for people with dyslexia, no one can say Martin is ‘lazy’! Martin is the person to speak to when you want to know what dyslexia across the world and in different cultures is like!

In this fascinating conversation with our host Matthew, Martin discusses a broad range of topics, from what school life was like, finding out at 30 you have dyslexia, navigating dyslexia with varying different strategies, different types of dyslexia, and what it’s like to achieve a Doctorate with dyslexia.

Being an active advocate for people with Dyslexia, Martin tells us about all of his work development resources for people with dyslexia, particularly creating a world map of all the dyslexic specialist schools on Google Earth!

This is a great episode not to be missed!

Key Topics:
  • Achieving a Doctorate
  • Finding you have dyslexia later in life 
  • Different ways other countries/cultures assess and see Dyslexia
  • Finding new strategies to navigate the challenges of dyslexia
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