Episode 67 – From hiding who you are to Being your Dyslexic Self with Kirsty Heap

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Show Notes:

Have you ever found yourself masking your dyslexia so much that you stop being You!?

In this episode we catch up with past guest on  the show, Kirsty Heap, as we find out how Kirsty has got on leaving her corporate job and going full time self-employed, and what’s that like for someone who is Dyslexic!

Kirsty shares that, in her corporate job which  she worked in for years and reached a very senior level, she never felt like she was able to be herself and found that the constant masking and hiding the real Kirsty was exhausting! 

Kirsty‘s move to self-employment made sense where she could be her real self and be happier at work than ever before!

In this episode you can discover helpful hacks if going it on your own is something you want to do but are worried your dyslexia will hold you back.

Key Topics:

  • Masking who you really are to fit in,
  • Finding yourself, and happiness in being yourself, and
  • Making the jump into self-employment!

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